C.T.A 102 Op-Art tapestry, 1966

C.T.A 102 Op-Art tapestry, 1966

Wool tapestry with gold thread.

203 × 209 cm

Limited edition of 6

Signed by artist and workshop mark

Excellent condition


A fine Op-Art tapestry, designed by Victor Vasarely (1908-87).
Made at the Tabbard workshop in Aubusson, France, circa 1966.
Signed by artist and workshop mark, no 6 of 6.

Height: 6ft 8in (203cm) Width: 6ft 9in (206cm)

The design of this tapestry is based more on graphic elements rather than textural ones.
Vasarely’s work is involved with dynamics of kinetic movement, specifically the kinetics of
perception (movement resulting from contrasting colours).

Vasarely believed that today art has reached a period of reproducibility, therefore he employs a repeatable image. The colours, large square format and the quality of the weave combine to create an exceptional Op-Art tapestry, of additional note is the rare use of metal golden thread for the background which hightens the Op-Art effect.

The design dates to 1966 and the Denise Rene Gallery, Paris, was working with Vasarely at the time, (also Joseph Albers, Hans Arp, Sonia Delaunay, Kandinsky and Le Corbusier). The
Tabbard workshop in Aubusson produced the tapestries, with the Denise Rene Gallery editing (financed) them. The Pinton workshop, in Aubusson, also wove Vasarely tapestries though at a later date and are more commonly encountered.

There is a carpet of similar design and colouring, a hand-knotted version, in the collection of the Mobilier National Museum, Paris.

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